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Hanni und Nanni 2, a german movie!

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A&A - Season 2

I don’t wanna be a spoiler but this is what my cousin says is gonna happen:

  • Chapters & Choices - Ally’s mum, Penny, comes back and suspects that Austin is in love with Ally (and they might kiss).
  • Girlfriends & Girl Friends -Austin dates Jimmy Starr’s daughter, Kira, trying to make Ally think that he is not in love with her.
  • Campers & Complications - Ally’s old camp friend, Elliot comes to visit and Austin gets jealous because he thinks that Elliot is hitting on Ally.
  • Couples & Careers - Austin and Ally go on a date but think that it’s gonna ruin Austin’s career.
  • Tunes & Trials - Austin still has feelings for Ally, so he writes a love song for her.

Sorry Raini, I’m not trying to post spoilers or ruin the show. I just needed to say what my cousin thought.


“Super Fan” clip from Austin & Jessie & Ally crossover


Face To Face-Debby Ryan & Ross Lynch

Austin & Jessie & Ally Crossover



what did i just watch…..

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen…

I love her!

I love her!

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